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Pollution in recent times has been on a high especially in thecapital

Pollution in recent times has been on a high especially in thecapital. But after every long tunnel, there is light. Pankaj Munjal, chairman, Hero Motors Company, believes that e-bikes have a strong potential in India, as there is a growing segment of fitness and health-conscious population.If motorised private transport is substituted with cycling, the noise pollution would reduce, road safety would improve and provide recreational value to users. When asked about how the idea of e-bikes germinated, he says, "The idea to invest strongly in the e-bike segment and form strategic alliances with Yamaha and Mitsui to scale up innovation comes from a desire to drive a change in travel habits of Indians and encourage them to adopt a greater use of e-bikes, especially for short distance travel.


They can garner a 25-km/hour speed and can become a major mode of transport for people who travel less than 10 kilometres to work every day.5 km will result in travel time-savings worth Rs 112 billion by marginal unskilled workers."He highlights that e-bikes have zero dependence on fossil fuels, zero emissions and pollution. When asked about the one word of advice, he would give to youth; hesays that one must be the change one wants to see. "We hope to bring about a behavioural change with respect to transport and move towards a healthier, greener and congestion-free India," he says in response to the influence of e-bikes in the longer run. He then adds, "Apart from this, another challenge before us is to focus on innovation to lower product costs so as to make e-bikes much more accessible. Similarly, 50% substitution of two-wheeler and four-wheeler trips for short distances will result in annual health benefits equivalent to `1,435 billion on account of increased physical activity and `241 billion due to reduced air pollution. He was upbeat about the public taking serious note of the concern of pollution.. While, 50% substitution of walking trips above the average distance of 3. E-bikes being recently launched in India, the creators and innovators hope to address the problems of pollution and bring about a healthy lifestyle for Delhiites.According to a study conducted by TERI (The Energy & Resource Institute), which found that 50% substitution of two-wheeler and four-wheeler trips by bicycle under the average distance of 8 km, will lead to a personal fuel savings of Rs 27 billion." He says that the significant challenges to the growth of e-bikes in India were the behavioural patterns of urban residents as well as lack of adequately safe infrastructure for the use of cycles.


But he rues that not many people have changed their way of living to make a difference to the situation. We also need policy initiatives such as car-free days, dedicated bicycle days to promote use of cycles," he says. The capital’s air quality index numbers are in the hazardous category. While electric cars will take at least 2-3 decades to China electric water heater Manufacturers become a functioning reality in India (given the need to create massive infrastructure for them), e-bikes are already readily available in the market. "What we need is safe cycling infrastructure, which will play a crucial role in increasing the level of bicycle ownership among choice users. Lack of safe cycling infrastructure is a major concern that prevents people from adopting cycling outside recreational purposes," he says. The pollution levels are high due to the increase in the number of cars. He says that electric cars and e-bikes must be used hand-in-hand to improve the environmental condition of the cities. "Very few people have given up using cars

The Maharashtra electricity board has come up with new rates of power

For Adani electricity, earlier it was Rs 10.While addressing a press conference at its Colaba office, MERC chairman Anand Kulkarni informed mediapersons that MERC would be forming a committee to bring in discipline in the consumption of electricity in the agricultural sector. These rates will be applicable from September 1.06. BEST power tariff for this segment was earlier Rs 8. For the year 2018-19, the rates of BEST power will be reduced by six to eight per cent in south Mumbai while rates of Adani Electricity and Tata Power will be increased by 0 to 1 per cent for north Mumbai. The charging station for electric vehicles will be `6 per unit and demand charge will be `70 per KVA/month.Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company’s power tariff of agriculture pumps is increased by 20 paise per unit.20.In Tata Power, the earlier rate was Rs 9.State distribution company’s rates were earlier Rs 8.Also, the cost of power used for homes has also been hiked from Rs 5.Further it has been decided to give subsidy to promote electronic vehicles.
For south Mumbai, the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking is a licensee for electricity distribution to the island city area of Mumbai. Earlier it was Rs 3. Rates of power for industrial purpose have also increased.07 per unit to Rs 5.04 and have now been changed to Rs 8.31 per unit for usage of first 100 units.74 to Rs and now it is changed to Rs 3.12 per unit and now it will be Rs 9.55 per unit..Mumbai: The Maharashtra electricity board has come up with new rates of power. From 101 to 300 units, it has increased from Rs 8.Kulkarni informed that the people of south Mumbai would have to pay less on power bills China instant water tap electric faucet Manufacturers and that it would be to the tune of 6 to 8 per cent less than their  existing bills.65 and now it is reduced to Rs 8.07 and now it has been decreased to Rs 9.95 per unit


Discussions of environment have been taking for long

Discussions of environment have been taking for long, but for the last few years, its negative impact has been felt on normal human lives.He was clear that the countries are going to work to harness solar energy. A positive result will come by," he hoped.Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar was also present. New generation can come forward in 'Start up India' and 'Stand up India' and contribute to initiatives like making batteries," he said.Referring to the recent CoP-21 summit in Paris, Modi highlighted two significant initiatives -- Mission Innovation launched jointly by the US, France and India, with the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, on development of green technologies and the creation of the International Solar Alliance of countries with abundant sunlight. With India's initiative, an organization of such nations has been formed," Modi said."US, France and India have taken initiatives for innovation. There is a challenge before the mankind to find a solution to this problem," Modi said. The Bill Gates Foundation has also been associated with it.Congratulating Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on his contribution to environment and technology leading to the refurbished bus with no pollution, the PM suggested that the technology can be used in public transport as well.
There are 122 nations which get the benefit of sunrays for more than 300 days in a year.Such buses would "not only significantly contribute in minimising pollution, but would encourage younger generation to come into research and making of batteries".Modi flagged off an electric bus, gifted to Lok Sabha Speaker to ferry MPs at Parliament New Delhi: Terming the negative impact of environment pollution as a challenge, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said there is a need to harness solar energy.Resolutions in Paris by world leaders include work on innovation to get fossil fuel-free energy, Modi added.com/">hot water tap electric faucet Suppliers it.The headquarters of this alliance will be in Delhi, the Prime Minister said.Modi saw a need for research to enhance battery life and said such initiatives under 'Make in India' will not just benefit the country, but the whole wholesale instant heating faucet world as well.He was speaking at an event where he flagged off an electric bus, gifted by the Road Transport and Highways Ministry to Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, to ferry MPs at Parliament."MPs will benefit from

The government has done well to decriminalise suicide

The government has done well to decriminalise suicide attempts as any such person trying to end his/her life is legally absolved of any criminal overtones that used to be attached to such acts, making them instant heating tap Manufacturers subject to harassment by police and judicial officials. Leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi have spoken to try give confidence to people likely to fall into depression and other mental illnesses that aren’t easily treated.
But it’s in caring for those who survive such foolish bids that a society’s empathy and its care-giving ability should be judged. Those who die by their own hand have passed on, and nothing can be done about them. In fact, the bill specifically forbids electric shock therapy for children and it can be used only conditionally on adults. In putting the Mental Healthcare Bill on the statue book after passage through both Houses of Parliament, we should be seen as a more empathetic nation capable of understanding the problems of the mentally ill. 
The bill’s intent, aiming for humane treatment, setting up of a mental authority at the Centre and in states, are most laudable. We are short of trained counsellors like psychologists and institutions to treat the mentally ill.It’s quite another matter that the sheer numbers of the mentally ill, already running into millions in a nation of a billion and a quarter people, are dumbfounding.. Chaining them up or giving them electric shocks isn’t the stuff of cinematic imagination. Too often, it’s in the follow-through, in providing what we intend to give, that we fail as a nation


The pricing is lower than its previous sale price

Tesla Motors Inc has raised $1.21 on Thursday, despite the announced plan to sell more stock at a price below previous share sale levels.8 million new common stock offering, according to IFR. Tesla shares are down 10.The shares were priced at $215 by lead managers Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Deutsche Bank AG, Citigroup Inc and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, IFR said. As of March 31, Tesla had $1..8 million of his own shares, mainly to pay taxes related to exercising vested stock options.Tesla's stock ended up 1.3 million for the first quarter, and said in its prospectus it must "deliver significant cost reductions" to avoid future losses.7 billion in new shares to fund its operations, and said Chief Executive Elon Musk would sell 2.Tesla previously has raised more than $4.46 billion in fresh capital from the sale of its 6.65 hit in July 2015.
Tesla said it has 373,000 reservations from customers who want the Model 3 sedan, which will China instant heating electric tap Manufacturers be a smaller, less expensive companion to the current Model S sedan and Model X sport utility vehicle.44 billion in cash and cash equivalents. Tesla seeks to finance a plan to expand production of its electric vehicles to 500,000 a year by 2018.
The pricing is lower than its previous sale price of $242 in August 2015 and below a year high of $286.Tesla seeks to finance a plan to expand production of its electric vehicles to 500,000 a year by 2018.5 billion in debt and equity offerings over the past six years. Since it raised$226 million in an initial public offering in June 2010, Tesla has gone back to the capital markets several times.9 per cent at $215.The proceeds from the latest stock offering will be used mainly to pay for $2. The company reported a net loss of $282.25 billion in capital investments Musk has said will be needed this year to prepare for high volume production of the Model 3.The Palo Alto, California-based carmaker said on Wednesday it planned to sell up to $1

Bhargava said that the auto industry to a largest extent reflects

I for one, am a firm believer that all the structural changes in the past three years will create a basis for much faster growth of the economy in the future," he added. It is a very laudable policy as it will greatly enhance the usage and overtime lead to cleaner environment," MSI Chairman R C Bhargava told shareholders in the companys 36th annual general meeting (AGM) here.
Bhargava said that the auto industry to a largest extent reflects changes in the economy of the country.Suzuki Motor Corp Chairman Osamu Suzuki, T Suzuki along with top leadership of MSI -- Bhargava and Managing Director & CEO Kenichi Ayukawa -- were present during instant hot water faucet Suppliers on customer preference, according to company chairman R C Bhargava.zjhyd.He added that the company will come with electric vehicles after determining customer preference."Government has announced programme to rapidly promote the use of electric vehicles in Tankless Electric Water Heater Faucet the AGM."He added that with such sales growth the company would be able to achieve its target of selling 2 million units by 2020 and a further 2.On a shareholders suggestion that the company should now look at defence production also, Bhargava said that "it is something which need to be carefully thought about".5 million and 3 million cars in the future.
Acknowledging the role played by Suzuki over the years, MSI shareholders gave Osamu Suzuki a standing ovation during the AGM.Bhargava also spoke in length about various challenges the company faced and overcame over the past three decades.Bhargava said that growth in the economy would lead to fresh spurt in demand for cars in the country. As soon as we can determine the customer preference we will come up with such models. While highways are getting built, the urban infrastructure building is lagging behind in most parts of the country," he pointed out."The demand right now is curtailed by infrastructural shortages, and that remains.Replying to a demand raised by a shareholder to issue bonus shares, Bhargava said that the purpose to a larger extent has been

If we are talking about a form of great energy like hydrogen

Hydrogen explosions during the 2011 nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima are a more recent example of such hazards. It’s still anyone’s game," Kino said.The Hydrogen Council, made up of 28 companies that are promoting hydrogen fuel, said in a report this week that it expects hydrogen to power about 10 to China electric water heater Manufacturers is the fuel that sends NASA rockets into space. Still, the company’s goal is to sell 30,000 fuel-cell vehicles a year by about 2020. Hydrogen fuel cells don’t suffer the EVs’ main drawback of limited range.While much of the world is going gung-ho for electric vehicles to help get rid of auto emissions and end reliance on fossil fuels, Japan’s top automaker Toyota Motor Corp. The Prius turned out to be a good bet for Toyota., finds it an "utter mystery" why anyone would be so set on fuel cells when China, the world’s biggest car market, is going for conventional EVs. The Mirai can run for 312 miles (502 kilometres) per fuelling, under US EPA conditions, and fuels as quickly as a regular car. The big moment on the assembly line comes when two bulbous yellow tanks of hydrogen are rolled over and delicately fitted into each car’s underside.The Mirai, which means "future," is not cheap at $57,500, but Toyota loses money on each one. Instead, workers intently fit parts into place by hand with craftsmanship-like care. Air Liquide has been working on producing, storing and distributing hydrogen fuel for more than four decades.At a car factory in this city named after Toyota, the usual robots with their swinging arms are missing.The global stock of electric vehicles will soon surpass 2 million, according to the International Energy Agency.
If we are talking about a form of great energy like hydrogen, then why not just go all the way to a nuclear car?" said Satou, whose company leads in EV sales with its popular Leaf compact.zjhyd. It has sold only about 4,000 Mirai fuel cell vehicles since late 2014, roughly half of them outside Japan. Unlike a gas-powered internal combustion engine, the only by-products from a fuel cell are electricity, heat and water. The group met this week in Bonn, on the sidelines of the COP23 UN meeting on the environment. But proponents of the fuel say hydrogen is no more dangerous than gas or electricity if handled properly.""Winners could become losers, and losers could become winners. The Mirai could be the same. Fuel cell vehicles are scarcely a presence., Mercedes-Benz of Germany, Japan’s Honda Motor Co and Hyundai of South Korea have also developed fuel cell vehicles that are on the roads in extremely limited numbers.com/">China wholesale Tankless Electric Water Heater Faucet wind and solar power into hydrogen, or even make hydrogen from sewage waste.
It’s projected to climb to between 9 million-20 million by 2020. A fuel cell mixes hydrogen with the oxygen in the air to generate electricity that can power a motor. It also forecasts it will be widely used for industries, heating and power and power storage..Toyota and other manufacturers pursuing hydrogen fuel cells face some significant hurdles. Hydrogen is viewed as potentially hazardous: the 1937 Hindenberg disaster, when 36 people died when the hydrogen-fuelled airship caught fire and crashed, ended an earlier era of hydrogen-powered passenger travel. But he allows that a technological breakthrough could bring a hydrogen-based sea change in the global race toward automotive "electrification. is banking on hydrogen.Other models run out of juice quicker, at about half that, because of the longer the range, generally the heavier the batteries. The Tesla Model S can go about 300 miles (480 kilometres) on a single charge, although that varies depending on driving conditions, and that’s quite a distance for an EV. And electric vehicles usually take hours to charge.  Ryuichi Kino, who has written about electric vehicles and energy, views fuel cell vehicles as an excessively expensive, futuristic technology.
Toyota’s chairman, Takeshi Uchiyamada, believes hydrogen is an ideal, stable fuel for a future low-carbon society.zjhyd.In one step toward widening the use of hydrogen, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, an aerospace, motorcycle and ship manufacturer, is developing a technology to make hydrogen in Australia using "brown coal," peat or low-grade coal for shipment to Japan in tankers it plans to make. Japan has an ample 28,000 EV charging stations but only 92 hydrogen fuelling stations, and they are costly to build. Manabu Satou, general manager of technology at Toyota’s rival Nissan Motor Co."Hydrogen doesn’t exist in the natural world on its own, but you can create hydrogen from various materials," he said. Toyota sells about 10 million vehicles a year around the world.com/product/zh-sc-series/">China wholesale instant heating electric tap 15 million cars and 500,000 trucks by 2030


Delhi has become a potential market for the brand

The services of ‘DOT’ are focussed around creating an eco-system that is electric, safe, cost-effective, sustainable and eco-friendly. While many of us may think of it as a far-fetched idea, it won’t be long before we find ourselves resorting to such alternatives.5/km respectively. Each device costs around 60,000 rupees and uses half a unit of electricity to function for 10 hours to provide purified air to 500 square metres. "Our vehicles are capable of covering almost 100 kilometres distance in one charge and additionally, they are equipped with swappable battery system which increases the range accordingly," informs Pratik.In 2016, a Gurgaon based startup Social Cloud Ventures launched a campaign ‘Hawa Badlo’ with a dystopic video of a family dependent on oxygen kits for their survival.  Once the efficacy of Electric Vehicle technology is seen to be working well on both i.
Vehicular emissions account for most of the pollution in India and that even the government’s odd-even vehicle rule seems to ineffectively combat." But it failed to deliver on its promise in Mumbai.While mostly these vehicles are leased out by DOT on a long-term contractual basis to corporates, Pratik says it will gain traction among private individuals in the coming future, "The adoption of Electric Vehicle is currently in the public domain. Though India is slowly yet steadily warming up to these innovations that enable them to grapple with air pollution, Pratik says it is the need of the hour and is hopeful for a cleaner and healthier environment, "The Go Green initiative is a global phenomenon and will catch up with all the stakeholders who will be joining this movement using green and environment friendly logistics services, with sustainable developmental goals.Innovations and advancements are time consuming, and might take years to deliver on the promise to stand up against the rising air pollution. "By inhaling our product briefly for two to three seconds, you will feel rejuvenated, allowing you to excel and focus on your task at hand. cost impact basis as well as environment sustenance, it will be just a matter of time, when we will see private individuals adopting this. The Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL) supported this campaign, to warn Indians of the disturbing future that awaits them if they failed to alter their fuel use. Its creators claim it can reduce pollution at busy traffic junctions by 40-60 percent. These episodic measures by the government are only a stopgap solution, but what we need is for long-term solutions to holistically approach the problem.
Delhi has become a potential market for the brand, with many patrons buying bottled air from e-commerce websites. Similarly, DOT has slowly developed itself to quell the range anxiety or long distance travel problem, which was earlier, associated with electric vehicles."In 2017, WAYU (Wind Augmentation and Purification Units) device was developed by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), a Nagpur-based laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and designed by the Industrial Design Centre at IIT Bombay.5 and PM10 particles, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds into carbon dioxide using a filter.  It is also cost effective around 0. DOT is currently operating in 22 cities across India and envisages catering to 100 cities by the end of 2019.
The video titled ‘Time Bomb’ is set in the year 2030, where the air quality has reached frighteningly high levels. Even if you are recovering from a hard night of partying, staying at your peak athletic performance, maintaining your focus at school, or relaxing and preventing stress; our product will be there when you need it," reads its website.Pure Himalayan AirVehicular pollution accounts for more than 30 percent of the particulate matter present in the polluted cities in India.  It has become a challenge for any Government to tackle this.Two years later, this hypothetical scenario has become a reality in India. One such alternative is the concept of e-mobility to mitigate the problems of air pollution.5/km, and around Rs.When DOT started in 2015, it was observed that there was a gap in mass transit modes; So DOT started E-Bike Taxis for the passengers traveling via mass transit modes like metros and buses, offering them to and fro transportation to their workplaces. "During the lean periods, the same E-bikes were used for delivering packages, which were cost-effective as compared to the conventional existing modes of logistics," says Pratik. Last year, an advanced version of the device was installed in Delhi, which claims to clean out the air by 90 percent.25 paise per km and for 3 wheelers; it’s around 0. The vehicles are designed to run on the latest generation Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery platform that powers Electric Vehicles of various automotive companies. "The purpose of DOT is to assess how sustainable urban mobility can achieve zero emissions with effective customised mobility solutions," says Pratik Dasgupta, COO DOT.". 
The only solution, which can be implemented today to reduce this, is by adopting electric mobility, which promises zero tail-pipe emission," explains Pratik.Prashant Gargava, member secretary of China wholesale electric instant heating water faucet Central Pollution Control Board said in an official statement that, "WAYU, works by converting pollutants such as dangerous PM2. 2. Among a few players in India, a Delhi based startup DOT is a pioneer in providing environment-friendly and sustainable solutions for logistical needs of individuals and organizations through the concept of green mobility. This device was designed to tackle pollution in high traffic zones in India.75 paise per km against the conventional vehicles, which costs Rs. 3

Exemption from permit will be a game changer as restricted

Similarly, e-bikes also should see a considerable impact since it is a new area, he added. E-auto and e-buses may have a big impact since getting a new permit is extremely difficult," he said.New Delhi: To promote electric vehicles in India, the government has approved green licence plates bearing numbers in white fonts for private e-vehicles and yellow for taxis, union minister Nitin Gadkari said on Wednesday.The measure is aimed at promoting e-vehicle’s use and the government is considering exemption from permits for such vehicles.. Such vehicles will be fitted with green licence plates bearing numbers in white fonts for private cars and yellow font for taxis," Mr Gadkari said.The government also plans to allow youth in the age bracket of 16-18 years to drive electric scooters, besides mandating taxi aggregators to have a certain percentage of electric vehicles in instant heating faucet Suppliers fleet.
Exemption from permit will be a game changer as restricted permit regime is a major concern. "The government has approved distinctive green licence plates for electric vehicles to encourage people to use electric vehicles. E-rickshaw growth is attributable to the permit exemption and there is scope to extend the exemption to the e-buses, e-taxis, e-autos and e-bikes.A notification in this regard will be out in a week’s time, the minister, who has been advocating electric mobility promotion, he said.The purpose behind distinctive number plates is their easy identification for preferential treatment in parking, free entry in congested zones besides other proposed benefits like concessional toll, the road transport and highways minister told PTI


Whole fat milk gives a really thickness to the payasam

Whole fat milk gives a really thickness to the payasam..Add tender coconut pulp and also the chopped tender coconut pieces and give a good stir. Kaju Chi Amti The arrival of the harvest is celebrated in different ways all over the country.Pressure cook for four whistles and mash it once done. When the milk is at room temperature, add heavy hex nuts coconut milk and stir well. Then add suagar, cardamom powder and nutmeg powder and stir well.Tender Coconut Payasam (Elaneer Payasam)Ingredients:4 cups or 1 litre Whole Fat Milk    1 cup Coconut Milk1 cup Tender Coconut Water1/4 cup Tender Coconut Pieces1 cup Sugar1/4 tsp Cardamom Powder1/4 tsp Nutmeg Powder1 tsp Ghee10 CashewsMethod:First, break the coconut and scrape the tender portion of the coconut.Heat oil in a pan and let mustard crackle. Add water for desired consistency.Allow the milk to boil in medium flame for another five minutes till the sugar gets completely dissolved with the milk.
Stir occasionally to avoid milk sticking to the bottom of the pan.Kaju Chi AmtiIngredients:1 and 1/2 cup fresh, tender cashew nuts (skinned cashew nuts). Alternatively, soak unsalted dried cashew nuts in water for a couple of hours2 medium sized onions4 garlic cloves3 green chilies1 tsp garam masala powder1/2 tsp tamarind/2 kokam1/4 cup fresh coconutChopped cilantro for garnishingSalt to tasteSugar/jaggery (optional)2 tsp mustard seeds1 tsp turmeric powder1/4 tsp asafoetida2 tbsp oilMethod:If using fresh tender cashews, soak them in hot water so that their skins come off easily. We share a few recipes for Sankrati and Pongal that can add some sweetness to your day. Chop chilis. Before the garlic turns brown, quickly add chopped onions and keep frying until nice and brown.Garnish with cilantro/coriander. Skinning the cashew nuts can be hasslesome.Allow the milk to evaporate 1/4th of its quantity. Powder the cardamom. After opening the pressure cooker, if the rice is too dry, add 1/4 cup water or milk while mashing.Lastly, add fried cashews, raisins, powdered cardamom and serve it.
Cover and simmer the curry until the cashews turn soft. Bring the milk to boil.In a separate pan, add a teaspoon of ghee and roast the cashews and add the roasted cashews to the payasam and stir well. Add 1/4 cup water or milk if it gets dry while cooking.Remove the lid, add garam masala, tamarind/kokam, salt and jaggery. Switch off the flame and allow the milk to cool down. Add water, washed rice and salt. The outcome is worth the efforts though. Enjoy hot cashew nuts curry with chapati/bhakri or rice.Once the jaggery is completely dissolved, filter it and add to the mashed rice in the cooker. Add turmeric and asafoetida.Heat a pan, add a litre of milk.Next, add cashew nuts and mix well. Reserve 1/4th cup of the tender coconut (vazhukkai in Tamil).Add crushed garlic and chilies.Lastly add fresh coconut and mix.Welcome the warmth of the Lohri bonfire, spread the Makar Sankranti cheer and convey greetings of Pongal with these sweet dishes. Crush garlic cloves.Add ghee while cooking.
Powder jaggery, heat it with water and bring to a boil.Finely chop onions. Mix well. Elaneer Payasam is all ready! Refrigerate and serve chill!Recipe courtesy: Sudhir Pai, executive chef, Holiday Inn Mumbai. Keep these aside.Sweet PongalIngredients:1/2 cup Raw Rice2 tbsp Moong Daal or Pasiparuppu1/2 cup Jaggery2 1/2 cups Water3 tbsp Ghee1 pinch Salt6 CashewnutsRaisin 21 tbsp CardamomMethod:In a pan, add a tsp of ghee, cashews, raisins and saute till the cashewnuts turn golden in colour. And, these harvest festivals are the reason why you should skip your healthy routine for a day and indulge in the goodness of the simple, sweet flavours.Mix well and cook on medium flame for five minutes.In a pressure cooker or a pan, add 1/4 tsp ghee and roast the moong dal. Take the rest of the tender coconut in a mixer and add tender coconut water and grind it to a coarse paste.Skin the cashew nuts and wash them thoroughly rubbing with your hands under running water


Honda has already stated that two-thirds of its global

Honda has already stated that two-thirds of its global sales would come from electrified vehicles by 2030."We are aware of India governments push for all electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030.The company, which operates in India through a wholly-owned arm Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL), has already put in place a separate team in its research and division unit for electric vehicles since last year, a senior company officialsaid. "Already Honda has set up a separate unit for electric vehicles in its R&D which will focus on development of both body and power train for electric China wholesale Bathroom Basin Electric Faucet vehicles," Ueno said.When asked how soon can the company commercially launch an electric vehicle in India, he said it would depend on many factors.


Tokyo: Japanese auto major Honda Motor Co has started working on electric vehicles keeping in mind Indias push for such automobiles but said a clear road map is required for successful commercial launch. So we (Honda) have started working on development of such vehicles," HCIL President and CEO Yoichiro Ueno told PTI here.


When pressed if all the necessary steps were taken how soon could Honda bring electric vehicle in India, Ueno said the company would be ready to do so by early period of 2020s. Globally also there is a push for EVs."So, we will communicate our plans on electric vehicles for India at an appropriate time," he said.Highlighting the need for government support, Ueno said under the present circumstances the price of an electric version of an existing model would be twice of that.He, however, said the road to electric vehicles must be bridged through hybrids for a smooth transition, allowing battery technology to develop and become more affordable. "We need a proper road map from the government, standardisation of specifications and charging infrastructure are required," he added

Venkaiah Naidu moved a proposal for the approval of the Union council

The memorial ghat is close to the memorials of all the former Presidents and Prime Ministers. "It has been made ready to coincide with the late leader’s birth anniversary, which was two days back," ministry sources stated.The architect of India’s liberalised economy, who has often been sidelined by the Congress top brass, former Prime Minister P. The work around the memorial is almost complete and anyone who wants to pay respect can visit the site, sources stated.V.. Rao’s memorial is raised on a plinth in marble with a plaque bearing texts, recalling briefly his contributions.It is now integrated with "Rashtriya Smriti" (a common place for memorials of former Presidents, Prime Ministers and others, with the approval of the Union Cabinet).


Venkaiah Naidu moved a proposal for the approval of the Union council of ministers for building a memorial for the former Prime Minister at "Ekta Sthal".Disowned by the Congress and denied a memorial in Delhi by its government, a memorial ghat for the late Narasimha Rao at "Rashtriya Smriti" is ready now, 10 years after his death. After his death in 2004, China instant heating electric tap Manufacturers the Congress-led UPA government had denied any memorial to him. Narasimha Rao, has finally found recognition in the form of a memorial in the national capital.


Rao, who headed a Congress government between 1991 and 1996, was disowned by his party.However, after the NDA government came to power urban development minister M.Mr Naidu visited the site on June 15 and had asked the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) to complete the works relating to the memorial ghat for Rao ahead of the former Prime Minister’s birth anniversary on June 28. The UPA government had gone further and decided in 2013 that there will be no more separate memorials for any leader, citing paucity of space

These symptoms are visible after four to five hours of after drinking contaminated water

Consuming uncovered food and contaminated water can cause diarrhoea and several infections, the BMC repeatedly kept alerting people for drinking boiled water, ” she added. end-of Tags: diarrhoea, bmc Location: India, Maharashtra, Mumbai (Bombay). In the first week of August, 200 patients complaining of diarrhoea were treated at the civic-run and private health facilities.Dr Avinash Supe, director, major BMC hospitals said, “In the month of June-July, there was a rise in diarrhoea, due to the consumption of contaminated water. Vomiting and dysentery reduces the water content in the body. Eating spoilt food can also cause severe stomach infection.


In June, 844 diarrhoea China instant heating faucet Manufacturers cases and in July, 1,010 cases were recorded.Precautions to takeAccording to medicos, contaminated water can cause diarrhoea. File image of a BMC hospital ward full of patients.The BMC has issued an advisory to residential societies of the most affected areas about taking precautions like consuming boiled water and avoiding street food. A person falls sick by drinking polluted water either directly or by use of such water in cooking and washing.According to the health officials, the reason is said to be the intake of contaminated water. Water-borne diseases primarily spread through contaminated water. Due to infected water, patients also suffer from stomach disorders, vomiting and dysentery.


A large number of patients suffering from diarrhoea visiting the hospitals and clinics complain of maladies like fever, cold, cough and sore throat due to contaminated water. Mumbai: An increase in the number of diarrhoea cases has been recorded by the civic-run and private health facilities in several parts of the city, especially the western, eastern and central suburbs like Khar, Kandivali, Mankhurd, Kurla, Govandi and Vikhroli.According to a senior BMC official, in the next few days, the number of patients suffering from the diarrhoea is likely to increase.


These symptoms are visible after four to five hours of after drinking contaminated water. In the next few days, the number of patients suffering from diarrhoea is likely to go up. People should take cognisance when symptoms like for vomiting and dysentery are noted,” he said.BMC issues advisory; Kurla, Govandi, Khar, Kandivali worst affected.According to Dr Mini Khetrapal, head of department of disease control, “In July, 1,010 cases of diarrhoea were reported

Reeling under a crisis of non-performing loans

Reeling under a crisis of non-performing loans with close to 10 per cent of gross-advances of the Indian banks facing a risk of non-payment from debtors, these risks can place further liquidity constraints on the already stressed balance sheets of banks in India.Though most power plants are assured sufficient water allocations by governments, there have been multiple instances where power plants have had to be partially or fully shut down due to water shortages.
While water scarcity and drought is a major issue in agriculture and allied activities, the report noted that the power sector too require water for cooling (in the case of thermal and nuclear) and for direct power generation (in the case of hydrocarbons).In the basic metal and metal products sector (4. Bank’s exposure to agriculture stood at 13 per cent, power sector accounts for nearly 7 per cent of the advances.According to the report, a close to 40 per cent of the gross credit exposure of Indian banks is in sectors where water risks are significant.It noted that water-related risks have the potential instant water heating faucet to limit production, disrupt supply chains, result in write-downs, create conflict with other water users and harm corporate reputations, which can lead to financial impacts for businesses and the banks that lend to them.Launched with the Indian Banks’ Associa-tion (IBA), the WWF report Hidden Risks and Untapped Opportunities: Water and the Indian Banking Sector provides evidence for why water presents a material risk for banks in India, particularly how water risks could lead to stranded assets in the power and agriculture sectors — the two sectors that account for the highest gross credit exposure of banks.According to the report, a close to 40 per cent of the gross credit exposure of Indian banks is in sectors where water risks are significant. end-of Tags: agriculture sector, water scarcity, world wide fund for nature.9 per cent of bank advan-ces), most ore abstraction processes use extensive volumes of water for either washing or cooling.
Any water scarcity in the basin or the region can affect the operations. MUMBAI: With India continuing to face severe pressure on its water resources, a new report released by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) report outlined the increasing water risks for businesses that could lead to significant losses for the country’s banks. While water scarcity and drought is a major issue in agriculture and allied activities, the report noted that the power sector too require water for cooling (in the case of thermal and nuclear) and for direct power generation (in the case of hydrocarbons)


The apex court had earlier refused to give an urgent

The apex court had earlier refused to give an urgent hearing to Tamil Nadu's plea for setting up of Cauvery Management Board for implementation of the CWDT award.The board, in turn, would constitute a Cauvery Water Regulation Committee for assistance. end-of.Noting that samba crops in Tamil Nadu would be adversely affected, the bench directed Karnataka to ensure supply of water.In reply, Karnataka had said it has a deficit of about 80 tmc feet in its four reservoirs.The apex court also directed Tamil Nadu to approach the supervisory committee within three days for the release of Cauvery water as per the final order of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal's (CWDT). "We think it's appropriate to direct Karnataka to release 15,000 cusecs of water per day for ten days," the bench said, while also directing Tamil Nadu to release water to Puducherry appropriately as per its interim arrangement.The Supreme Court also asked the supervisory committee to decide on Tamil Nadu's plea in ten days from today.


The CWDT had recommended the setting up of a Cauvery Management Board/Authority on the lines of the Bhakra Beas Management Board for implementation of the order. Cauvery basin dams Noting that samba crops in Tamil Nadu would be adversely affected, the bench directed Karnataka to ensure supply of water.In a recent plea, Tamil Nadu had sought a direction to Karnataka to release 50.Noting that the samba crops in Tamil Nadu would be adversely affected, a bench comprising Justices Dipak Misra and U U Lalit directed Karnataka to ensure supply of water to Tamil Nadu.On September 2, the Supreme Court had instant heating water faucet Suppliers made an emotional appeal to Karnataka saying 'live and let live', after Tamil Nadu brought to the notice of the court that the Karnataka CM has said that not a drop of water will be released to it.


Senior lawyer F S Nariman, who appeared for Karnataka, said that there were "rain deficit months" in the recent past and it was difficult to release the water due to Tamil Nadu.The Tribunal, in a unanimous decision in 2007, had determined the total availability of water in the Cauvery basin at 740 thousand million cubic (tmc) feet at the Lower Coleroon Anicut site, including 14 tmcft for environmental protection and seepage into the sea. The court posted the matter for further hearing on September 16.At the directions of the apex court, the Centre, in 2013, had notified the final award of the CWDT on sharing of water of the Cauvery system among the basin states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and


Kerala and union territory of Puducherry.52 tmc feet of Cauvery water to save 40,000 acres of samba crops this season.New Delhi: Supreme Court on Monday directed Karnataka to release 15,000 cusecs of Cauvery water per day to Tamil Nadu for the next 10 days to ameliorate plight of the farmers there.He said the Tribunal has not provided for an alternative for Karnataka on the point of release of water during distress months.The final award made an annual allocation of 419 tmcft to Tamil Nadu in the entire Cauvery basin, 270 tmcft to Karnataka, 30 tmcft to Kerala and 7 tmcft to Puducherry

Water resources minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted

Water resources minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted to convey the government’s decision to stop India’s share of the water going to Pakistan. But the actual implementation of the decision may take up to six years as dams as high as 100 metres will have to be built to stop such flow, officials said, insisting the decision was in no way a violation of the treaty. To gain access to this water, India is now building more dams which will be completed in six years, officials said. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari (Photo: Twitter | ANI) New Delhi: India decided on Thursday to stop the flow of its share of water to Pakistan from rivers under the Indus Water Treaty, a move seen as an immediate fallout of the deadly terrorist attack in Pulwama, Kashmir, that killed 49 paramilitary personnel.Water to Pakistan from the three rivers has been flowing for 60 Bathroom Basin Electric taps years, while the country needs it to meet the needs of its citizens, they said, insisting the stopping of its share of water from going to Pakistan is in no way a violation of the treaty. Moreover
UJH project will store our share of water for use in J&K and the balance water will flow from 2nd Ravi-BEAS Link to provide water to other basin states.6 MAF would flow to Pakistan. While about 95 per cent of water is being used in the country after the construction of three main dams across the rivers, close to five per cent water or 1. “Under the leadership of Hon’ble PM Sri @narendramodiji, Our Govt has decided to stop our share of water which used to flow to Pakistan. India’s share of the Ravi, Beas and Sutlej river waters came to 33 million acres feet (MAF). Another official said the decision was taken two months back.
Under the 1960 Indus Water Treaty, the waters of the western rivers — Indus, Jhelum and Chenab — were given to Pakistan and those of the eastern rivers — Ravi, Beas and Sutlej — to India. end-of Tags: pulwama terror attack, nitin gadkari Location: India, Delhi, New Delhi.Water resources minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted to convey the government’s decision to stop India’s share of the water going to Pakistan. He added: “The construction of a dam has started at Shahpur-Kandi on Ravi river.”Mr Gadkari’s tweets come barely a week after the gruesome Pulwama attack on February 14 in which as many as 49 CRPF personnel were killed as a terrorist rammed an explosives-laden vehicle into a bus carrying them. We will divert the water from eastern rivers and supply it to our people in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab,” Mr Gadkari said in a tweet